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Nelson Press has specialised in raffle ticket printing for over 70 years

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Raffle Tickets

Raffle Ticket Template

If you're supplying your own artwork, you can download our ticket template below for guidelines, measurements and layouts.

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If you wish to use our online editor to create or upload your ticket then take a look at our ticket templates below.

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We print in excess of 15 million raffle tickets annually, however our standard ticket template can be used for much more than just a raffle ticket. From entrance tickets to gift vouchers, you can use our standard template to create any design for any occasion.

Our standard template is  75 x 184 mm, printed single sided, black ink on 80gsm white paper, sequentially numbered in red ink, perforated and bound in books of 5 tickets. Prices can be found above as well as our ticket template to download with guidelines and measurements. You can also order your raffle tickets online with our online editor.

We also print to your specification including non-standard perforations, special sized tickets, full colour, printing double sided etc. For more information and a bespoke quote, please get in touch.

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We specialise in various traditional print techniques that will help your print stand out. Take a look at our full range of services and products.

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